Livocus has been founded in the Netherlands in 2014. We are a supplier of HMPE, carbon and aramid fibers. Livocus is a young energetic company with experienced and qualified employees.The focus is to create value for our customers.

The name stands for: Listen to the voice of the customer. Something we always aim to do.

Our ambition is to listen carefully to your story and offer the best fiber for your end-product, either beinig economically most favorable or of the highest quality. Or maybe the best of both worlds. It’s up to you. 

We aim to be proactive and efficient and constantly try to innovate in order to to capture the changing requirements of the customers with time.

Our products are available for you under our brand names: CARESTA®, TENESTA® and ARESTA® 

Livocus has competitive conditions and fast deliveries. This is made possible due to our policy of keeping extensive yet balanced stocks. Besides to deliver under competitive conditions we also aim to provide you with the latest market knowledge and aim to innovate together with you.

Angel Sangers

Angel has a background in chemistry and has worked in the technical field for many years. With jobs in R&D, Technical Service, Marketing and Sales she helped companies to develop and commercialise their innovations and to find the right product for the job.

At Livocus her goal is to create value at the customer and deliver high quality products while staying competitive in the market.

Bertram Ramspeck

Bertram has a background in ICT and has worked in the technical field for many years. With jobs in Project Management and ICT he helped companies to manage and implement technical projects.

At Livocus he is responsible for the administration and transportation.